Česky The most recent earthquake in the region
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Date and time: 23.02.2024, 11:11:40 CET
Magnitude: 2.9
Region: Austria, Ferlach
Coordinates: 46.463° N, 14.354° E
Distance from NPP Temelin: 300 km
Distance from NPP Dukovany:320 km
Additional info:
The earthquake was not felt by people in the Czech Republic and no damage to buildings or infrastructure is expected here.
The earthquake was followed 10 minutes later at 11:21 CET by a weaker aftershock with magnitude 2.3.
More details can be found at Geosphere Austria.
Seismogram of the earthquake from stations of the IPE local seismological networks monitoring the Czech NPPs. The upper track is from Temelín network and the lower one from Dukovany network. Time in the seismograms is in UTC (CET - 1 hour). Vertical axis shows ground velocity in mm/s.